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Get the tips on how to apply, what to expect in the evaluation process and what to remember if you are invited to a job interview.

Under Vacancies you will find job opportunities for apprentices, students, graduates and experienced professionals. Jobs are listed by service title as well as location. You’ll find more detailed information about whom to contact and specific requirements in the job descriptions. 

We conduct interviews with the candidates in a way that encourages honesty and openness. In addition to your educational and professional qualifications, we would like to get an impression of who you are as a person and what drives your motivation.

We recommend you to read up on us before the interview, so you understand if and how we could be a good match. Read both the Who we are and About Hydro sections, and click around on our website to get an impression of our business.

An initial screening will evaluate your application against qualification criteria for the vacancy. Successful candidates will be invited for 1–2 interviews, in person or by Skype/phone. Depending on the position you are applying for, you might be asked to do a case assignment, conduct an online ability and personality test. In addition, we may conduct additional screening as needed for the specific position or country. 

At Hydro we want to make our newcomers feel warmly welcomed and give them the best start possible. Our different departments have a range of onboarding activities from introduction to key stakeholders, on-the-job training and a variety of other courses.  

Your CV will, in most cases, be the very first thing your future employer sees of you. It should give a quick overview of what you have done that is relevant for this position. To grab the attention of the reader, you really need make an effort when it comes to prioritizing, keeping it tidy and tailor-made.  

  • Prioritizing: Your relevant experience ought to be highlighted by telling more about it. The idea of "including everything and leave for the reader to decide" does not always work in real life recruitment processes 
  • Tidiness: Few minutes spent on proofreading can truly increase the chance of success! 
  • Tailor-made: When creating your CV, it is imperative to present your experiences so that the reader understands your potential and transferable skills.

Keep in mind that you have liberty to decide how to present yourself, and around the world there are different expectations and traditions when it comes to CVs. 

A successful application 

We encourage you to tailor the job application to the position you seek. A well-prepared application will utilize key elements from the job-ad, linked with you as a candidate. Present your competence for this specific position and be specific regarding your motivation. This will be important for a perfect match.

Your application should be as genuine and credible as possible – securing trustworthiness. On the other hand – if you can prove being e.g. analytical or have high work capacity by linking skills with real life experience, you can really stand out from the crowd!

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