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What we offer

In response to the challenges facing the market and the world, Hydro created both certified low-carbon and recycled aluminium offerings. This minimizes the carbon footprint of our products while ensuring safe and responsible production and maximizing opportunities for our customers.

Our low-carbon aluminium carries a footprint of 4.0 kg CO2 or less per kilo of aluminium, compared to the 16.7 world average. This is partly thanks to the hydro, wind and solar power used in the production process, as with Hydro REDUXA.

By efficiently utilizing pre- and post-consumer scrap, we can also offer recycled aluminium with a lower carbon footprint. Hydro CIRCAL is a premium, certified product produced primarily with post-consumer scrap and carrying a market-leading low CO2 footprint. Hydro RESTORE is extruded profiles that mixes pre- and post-consumer scrap with primary aluminium and is certified by external experts on an individual plant level.

Chart showing kilos of CO2e emissions per kilo aluminium

Transparency matters

Transparency is key to driving demand for truly greener products and understanding their actual impact. Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL come with a certificate detailing the environmental footprint, from mining or scrap source to the final metal, including input materials and transportation (Scope 1-3), and are traceable down to each individual batch. Hydro RESTORE aluminium profiles’ footprint varies from site to site, but the environmental footprint is traceable down to the individual plant. All are certified by independent third parties.

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Customer success stories

Hydro joins Polestar as a materials partner to explore how aluminium can contribute to realizing the Polestar 0 project.
By using Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL, carbon emissions per kilo of aluminium used in the manufacturing of VELUX windows and accessories will be reduced.