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Sapa, Technal and WICONA use their own, existing identity. This includes their own logo. In all major communication Hydro should be endorsed as follows:
Sapa – by Hydro / Technal – by Hydro / WICONA – by Hydro – or as shown in the illustration below.

sapa logo; sapa by hydro, WICONA logo; WICONA - by Hydro, Technal logo;  Technal - by Hydro.

Examples on sub-brands' websites with Hydro endorsement.

Screenshots of Technal and WINCONA websites

Examples on sub-brands' advertisements with Hydro endorsement.

various adverts from WICONA, Technal and Sapa

Examples on sub-brands' business cards

Two sided business card for an employee at WICONA. Black information text on white background, with read wicona logo top right. Reverse side large white WICONA and tagline on red background.

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