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Business area, sector and unit names

We use organizational names – business area, sector and unit names – to identify specific parts of our business and enable audiences to understand which part of our company they are communicating with. On all applications where these names are used, our goal is to use the minimum number of names necessary.

Communications that carry business, sector or unit names should adhere to the following rules. (Corporate departments names follow the same rules as a business unit):

  1. On most applications, we use only one level of organizational name, i.e., either business area OR sector OR unit. We never use more than two levels together. Always use the name that communicates best with the external audience.
  2. The business area names are connected to the Hydro name that is used as a prefix in the following way in writing:

    Hydro Extrusions, Hydro Energy, etc.

    The Hydro logo should not be used in connection with business names.

Legal names

Our legal names provide important identification data that enables us to protect our local entities and the interests of the company. We do not use legal names for promoting Hydro. Legal names are governed by the following rules:

  1. Some countries require legal information on communications such as letterheads. Where required, we always use the correct legal name of the Hydro entity issuing the communication, in the correct style and format.
  2. We do not use legal names for profiling Hydro in marketing or brand communications, such as on a brochure cover, website home page or a sign at an event. Instead, best practice dictates the use of a proper communicative name. For example, in Germany, we would use “Hydro” to refer to our company in text, not “Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH”.
  3. If a legal name must be used in a communication (such as a press release), it should only be used once, with subsequent reference to the company as “Hydro”.

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