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Although all the plants have been extensively modernized, Hydro's hydropower plants are located in the same six locations to this day.
Vemork power plant was when it opened the world's largest of its kind, and is today partly converted into the Norwegian Industrial Workers' Museum.

Vemork is still active, however, and is our third largest power plant. The energy from the power plants at Rjukan was produced for the factories that at one time produced fertilizer.

Today, renewable hydropower is used to produce renewable aluminum. Såheim power station is also protected by decision from the National Heritage Board, with the exception of the turbines which are still in use and are maintained and upgraded accordingly.

The river Måna and its string is often called ‘Rjukanstrengen’, and here all of Hydro's hydropower plants in Telemark are in a row, all with Møsvatn as the water reservoir.

The power plants Frøystul, Vemork, Såheim, Moflåt, Mæl and Svelgfoss provide approximately 1/3 of Hydro's power production in Norway.