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1.  Purpose

The IR Policy shall help Norsk Hydro ASA (“the Company”) build trust and awareness in the investor community by ensuring that investor relations activities comply with relevant rules, regulations, and recommended practices.

The IR Policy shall help ensure that Norsk Hydro ASA provides accurate, timely, and fair disclosure of relevant information to the financial community appropriately. The communication with the stakeholders shall be based on transparency and equal treatment of all stakeholders in the market.

2.  Shareholder contact and communication with the financial market

The IR team is responsible for all day-to-day contact with Hydro's shareholders on behalf of the Company. Communicating with the stock market is given high priority, and Hydro aims to maintain an open dialogue with market participants. Our objective is to provide sufficient information on a timely basis to all market participants to ensure a fair valuation of our shares. All Hydro’s shareholders shall receive equal treatment to access company’s information.

Company’s main communication channels are stock exchange releases, press releases, and the webpage (, which ensure that identical information is made available simultaneously to all audiences.

Although Norsk Hydro ASA holds regular meetings for analysts, investors, media, and employees, all material and new information are frequently shared on the Company's website and stock exchange platforms. The Company will provide a consistent level of information regardless of whether the news is positive or negative.

3.  Guidance

Norsk Hydro ASA does not provide guidance on full financial results. However, the Company may communicate guidance and/or targets for discrete activity areas. In addition, the Company does provide raw material price sensitivities on adjusted EBITDA for the business areas Hydro Bauxite and Alumina and Hydro Aluminium Metal, as well as for the Company group level.

4.  IR Events

Financial reporting

Norsk Hydro ASA will host open presentations in connection with the release of financial results. The presentation material will be published simultaneously with the financial report and available on The presentations shall be available via a webcast link posted on the company's website before the event.

IR team frequently manages and updates annual financial calendar with an overview of dates for financial reporting and other main events on

Investor and analyst meetings

IR team and other company’s representatives shall hold regular meetings with investors and analysts. The communication will comply with applicable statutory requirements and the principle of equal treatment.

Capital Markets Day

Norsk Hydro ASA will consider hosting a Capital Markets Day to keep the market up to date on development, strategy, and outlook. Capital Markets Day will be open to all who wish to attend, and the presentations will be made available on

Annual General Meeting

IR team and other company’s representatives shall hold Annual General Meeting, where all shareholders can participate. Notice of a General Meeting of Shareholders with supporting information is typically published on more than three weeks in advance. It is sent to the shareholders at least three weeks before the meeting.

Other events

Representatives from Norsk Hydro ASA management will participate in various conferences and seminars where relevant. Norsk Hydro ASA will publish all relevant presentations held by Norsk Hydro ASA management on the company's website

5.  Silent Period

Two weeks before the announcement of quarterly results, Norsk Hydro ASA practices a "Silent period" meaning that contact with external analysts and investors is minimized. In the same period, no comments shall be made to the media or other external parties regarding the company’s earnings and outlook. This is done to minimize the risk of information leaks and potentially unequal information in the marketplace.

6.  Compliance

Norsk Hydro ASA shall comply with relevant regulations for companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Norsk Hydro ASA will comply with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2021.